April 1st Gallery Walk

April 1st Gallery Walk

This weekend I had the pleasure of inviting Greg, the owner of Vermont Artisans Gallery, into my home studio so he could choose some works to showcase in his gallery for the Gallery Walk coming up on April 1st. Yesterday I dropped off the 6 paintings he chose to the Vermont Artisans Gallery in Brattleboro Vermont. I enjoyed a warm welcome from his two gallery salespeople, and had a really great conversation with them about the work. I think they will be articulate and enthusiastic about selling my paintings, and I feel confident that this gallery is a good fit for the time being. Hopefully we will be successful together in promoting my artwork, and it will be fun to have my work hanging for April 1st’s Gallery Walk.

I’ve submitted works to both Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose magazines this week, and will be perusing others as the spring goes on. Just enjoying the process of promotion. I’ve also picked up another graphic design commission, and will soon begin working on a logo for an up and coming exotic feed company.

It looks as though the shoulder season is unfolding nicely, and more good things will continue to make their way to me in the coming months.

Spring’s blank canvas

Spring’s blank canvas

It’s my last week as a ski patroller for the season, which means I am feeling the let down of ending a warm and rainy winter with lackluster-to-terrifying ski conditions.  While it’s sad to say goodbye to my favorite season,  Spring is an exciting time of transitions and fresh starts. To celebrate my final week, I took some time yesterday to stretch and gesso a new canvas. I can feel the unlimited potential ready to be unleashed upon this baby! IMG_0536

I took about a month off of painting once the SVAC show was up. Winter was a big creative push, and while it was nice to breathe and relax for the duration of the show, I’m looking forward to painting, and will have plenty of time to focus during the shoulder season. I have a plethora of canvas scraps and have long thought about creating many small paintings of various sizes out of them. It would be fun to either incorporate smaller paintings into The Ecology of Memories, or create a complementary series of small-scale imagery. Time will allow it to unfold, and right now I still have a few more large stretchers and many more large ideas.

I’ve also been back to dabbling in graphic design, working on another jar label for a friend’s honey business. It has been nice to stretch my fingers on a drawing tablet and play with fonts. Below is the first design of several to come as I work with Bliss Gardens to create a label that best suits their needs.

Honey 1Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 4.04.33 PM

I’m also putting out feelers for galleries, magazine and show opportunities for the upcoming season, perhaps out in some western states, perhaps closer to home. Feelers are out, too, for fresh work on a local farm for the warm months. Shoulder season is upon me!

Successful opening & a new website

Successful opening & a new website

The opening reception at SVAC was a great success with hundreds of visitors and lots of positive feedback. Hopefully my work will continue to be well received in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already checked it out, the show will be up at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT until March 6th.

This week I am managing my submission to Studio Visit magazine, a gallery catalog that is sent out to over 2000 galleries across the country. Out of thousands of applicants, I was among 300 chosen for the catalog, and will have a 1-page spread. I’m pretty excited about that too.

Today I’ve booked a flight for Carl and I to do a little vacationing in Jackson Hole again at the end of March, and I’ll be doing some gallery hopping through that town also, hoping to make some connections and bring about more gallery representation. It’ll be wonderful to have a ski vacation hanging out with with my favorite band, Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons!

With all the bustle of preparing for the show over, I thought it was time for a little revamp of the website. There’s still some more tweaking to do, but I’m happy with the new look, and looking forward to whatever springtime adventures and inspiration are coming my way.

Finally, I’ve included my most recent painting The Passage into the Current Works section of this website, which can be seen at SVAC with the rest of the series.

The Passage

Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Upcoming Solo Exhibition

The Ecology of Memories

February 13th-March 6th 

Opening reception Saturday, Feb. 13th, 2-4pm. 

Southern Vermont Art Center – Manchester, VT


The silver lining in a nearly snowless ski season has been my focus on painting for my upcoming solo show at SVAC. It is very exciting to exhibit this body of work in such a prestigeous gallery, and it will be refreshing to finally see all of these large paintings on display together, instead of stacked up in my studio space waiting for a home. Hopefully this trajectory of exhibitions will continue through 2016 and I will be able to make space for more works of art to be created.

Transition to winter.

Transition to winter.

This Fall I got married and traveled, with another cross country drive coming up soon. I’ve gotten some good work in despite the whirlwind around me. There’s a lot of inspiration to be had and when I’m focusing on my work, as I have been this fall, the ideas flow much faster than I can keep up with.

I’ve been teaching sewing and art in my spare time to different ages, and doing a little graphic design thrown in for good measure. I’ve had two paintings on display at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and have been poking around for Summer residencies, planning for next year’s adventures. Ski patrol season is coming up quickly, we are all just waiting for the snow. I’m hoping to continue my focus on painting despite the busy season ahead, so I can go into the Spring feeling ready to promote this body of work some more.tobenamed.jpg


Gallery exhibits & working out a statement

Gallery exhibits & working out a statement

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to have Vertigo and Erosion on display at the lovely South Windham Vermont Art Exhibit. I’m talking with other galleries now and hope to see the rest of the paintings framed and on exhibit somewhere this fall. After a several year hiatus from showing art while I was a high school teacher, I realize that I need to re-write a curriculum vitae, as I finally begin to pursue my career as an artist. Put that on the to-do list.

To that end, last night while painting and looking at my living space filled with art, clarity about what I’m communicating through my work has begun to surface, and I believe the artist statement below is beginning to summarize my work:

The Process of Remembering

The surreal scenery depicted in this body work is created through a dichotomy of memories and experiences.  I find myself influenced by my ecology, as it moves between urban landscapes and a life connected to nature. I see the structures of civilization intertwined with the flow of water, eroding rocks, rotten wood. The details of my environment shifting through my own evolution. I consider these paintings reflections of how time disorients and layers my experiences into combined memories. The play between organic and man-made, structure and chaos reflects the duality of my own personal journey.





thoughts on the latest paintings

thoughts on the latest paintings

Unmade WishesPrey

Hey y’all! Finally got the latest painting up on the website, the feathers, titled Prey, are somewhat of a complement to the bones, titled Unmade Wishes. Almost a diptych, but not really, as they can stand alone also, but I believe the ideas behind them were similar. Formally, in both works I was interested in the repetition of forms.

My thoughts behind the work swirled around the ideas of internal and external stability. I like the ideas of bones holding us up, holding us together, but these bones are exposed, stacked, wishbones saved up for… what? The Unmade Wishes that hold us together, the hopes we have saved up inside ourselves.

As for Prey, I like the idea of the feathers as a sense of freedom, of flight, but also feathers as protection, armor. Feathers falling free through the air, detached, no longer offering protection or flight, as if the bird had fallen prey to something unseen. The feather that inspired the painting is actually from a Parrot, the colors changing as the feather is rotated, just as our own colors rotate and change as our armor is unhinged.

And finally, I’ve finished the drawing and am ready to transfer and begin painting again on my latest work, which I hope to begin today, and which will probably take me about a month to six weeks to complete if I am diligent on my days off of work. To discuss my process a little, I always work from a base color/texture on the canvas, and then do my drawing separate on paper before transferring the drawing onto the canvas and beginning to paint. I find this process to work the best in terms of the translucency of the oil paint – as I’ve developed my process, I don’t want ghost images from tweaking the drawing present on the canvas while I paint. I love both aspects of the work, the drawing as the blueprint for playing with colors and layers on the canvas later.  I’ve managed to create a fairly streamline workspace in my little home, using the slider window as my flat drawing surface allows me to fiddle with both drawing and painting whenever I please.  work station


I should probably go back through all my other paintings and write up similar thoughts on my choices for them as a means to create a more cohesive understanding of what I’m working on in terms of my imagery. It is easy to come up with images that speak to me, but it is much more of a challenge to actually speak about them with clarity. Eventually an artist statement will reveal itself to me, but I don’t want to jump the gun on describing this body of work before I can inclusively define how they all fit together. Time is on my side though, as I’m still waiting on framing and am months out from getting a gallery show together.

Sticky varnish and unmade frames

Sticky varnish and unmade frames

Hey Friends!

An update on my progress with my current work…I spent a good couple of weeks this spring varnishing my paintings, which was a very sticky situation indeed. A few had trouble with thickness and pooling on the surface, so I pulled out some of my hair, had a few small panic attacks, stripped and re-varnished three of my glorious pieces. The large size of the paintings made it tough to gauge how much varnish I had used, and the process of pouring the varnish works better on small pieces. These big paintings required me to hover and stand in all sorts of funny ways to spread it evenly. On the second time around I came up with a better strategy and all the paintings except two (who still need the oil paint to dry for a few more months) are ready for framing.

My lovely husband to be has acquired the wood for the framing of these large beasts, and now we are playing the old fashioned game of nagging-wife and busy husband. He’s working a lot and so am I, but I know the frames will get finished before our wedding. After that it’s time to get these puppies up into a gallery, and I’ve talked to a few of them so far, but with nothing 100% ready to hang, it will take time to get these out for the public to see.

In other news, my wedding planning is great, I’m one feather away from finishing my next painting, and I have ideas for the next two, so will have work to complete through the end of the fall, I suspect. Our house is running out of wall space to hang new artwork, so I am definitely looking forward to having a gallery show sometime in the next 6 months.

Oh look, something new, again!

Oh look, something new, again!

After just recently totally revamping my  (former) website, the person who was hosting it chose to stop doing so without informing me. Luckily, I’m fairly web-savvy, so here is the new cheryljoan.net!

I’m not much of a blogger, but I will be updating the site with each new work of art, and perhaps in the slow Spring season I will have time to go through all my animation files and post the digital artwork from the video game that never came to fruition. Oh yeah, and at some point I’ll figure out at artist statement for my Current Work. I had a nearly complete one written on my former website, but that went down the with rest of the ship.

After returning from a 3 week rafting trip in the Grand Canyon, I jumped right into Ski Patrol season and have been working non-stop. I’m looking forward to slowing down and working on painting more as the spring approaches. Hopefully we will have a fair amount of updates as the weather warms up!


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