Project: logo & web design

teton van works

Teton Van Works is a small business with a quality reputation in the vintage auto industry.  A specialty car restoration business, this company recently expanded to vintage camper rentals for the greater Yellowstone area’s busy tourist season. It was our goal to create a new logo and build an online presence for a business typically known only among industry-insiders. 


The client wanted a bold, san serif font that was simple and energetic. This playful font choice has a retro flair and bold personality, just like Teton Van Works.


We created a logo that was fresh, fun, with a hint of vintage to reflect the company’s unique point of view. Incorporating mountains into text is a classic design element of the region. Using a custom letter “n” for the logo allowed for a seamless landscape to develop across clearly written text. Finally, the brand colors create a carefree, retro ombre that sets a vibe of “driving off into the sunset.” 

Added logo variations provide the business with branding flexibility for merchandise and beyond.


Functional, clear, concise and informative. This multi-faceted business wanted a simple website with few pages that spoke to both restoration clients and potential camper renters.


A simple user experience connects potential clients to the information and services that Teton Van Works provides.

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